Omniwheels Units
Omniwheels feature 3 peripheral polyamide rollers which rotate on stainless steel axles. Ideal for assembly lines, machine feed & packing areas.
Produced with either:

PLAIN BORE for gravity fed conveyor systems
HEX-DRIVE CENTRE (suffix ‘-H’) for hexagon driven conveyor systems

Lock Omniwheels together in series for 360 degree support across narrow or irregular shaped items. We can supply spacer tubes (pre-cut to the required length) to reduce density for items with larger surface area.
Material Options
Easily combine with existing gravity (plain) or driven (Hex) systems.

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PartLoad lbkgWheel mmA mmB mmC mmD mmE mm2D/3D DrawingBuy Now
OW481881.891480.84421.50.11830.11831.57840⌀ 0.323⌀ 8.2 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
OW48-H1881.891480.84421.50.11830.11831.578400.319" Hex drive8.1 Hex drive DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
OW8055253.150801.344340.15740.15742.56265⌀ 0.480"⌀ 12.2 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
OW80-H55253.150801.344340.15740.15742.562650.441" Hex drive11.2 Hex drive DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now