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OF35-55HT40181.375352.125-2.99254-763.622921.08327.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF35-55P40181.375352.125-2.99254-763.622921.08327.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF35-55R40181.375352.125-2.99254-763.622921.08327.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF35-75HT40181.375352.125-2.79554-713.425871.47637.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF35-75P40181.375352.125-2.79554-713.425871.47637.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF35-75R40181.375352.125-2.79554-713.425871.47637.5M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF50-100HT50222.0502.717-3.58369-914.2131071.96950M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF50-100P50222.0502.717-3.58369-914.2131071.96950M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5
OF50-100R50222.0502.717-3.58369-914.2131071.96950M14 x 1.5M14 x 1.5

Omnifloat Glass Handling Ball Castor Units

Omnifloat castors allow smooth conveying & directional change with minimal damage to delicate surfaces. Specified throughout the glass handling industry for conveying glass through wet, corrosive, dusty & high temperature processes.

Omnifloats are typically supplied with a 50% mix of ‘left hand’ & ‘right hand’ swivel trail. We recommend fitting the castors in a regular, alternate pattern to reduce bias & provide a neutral conveying plane.

Replacement balls available as spares. Alternative materials can be retro-fitted for extended durability & service.

  • Rubber Ball with suffix ‘R’
    Better Grip (Black)
    70 Shore ‘A’ -20⁰C to +80⁰C
  • Polyurethane Ball with suffix ‘P’
    Wear resistant (Caramel)
    92 Shore ‘A’ -20⁰C to +80⁰C
  • High Temperature with suffix ‘HT’
    Heat resistant (Red)
    80 Shore ‘A’ -20⁰C to +150⁰C