Flexible Conveyor Rollers

55 lbs/foot80 kg/metre load rating
Adjustable working height 25.5″ – 43″(650mm – 1100mm)
Maximum axle pitch 4.921″125mm (extended)
15.750″ or 23.625″400mm or 600mm standard conveyor width
Other models & materials available

Omnitrack Flexible Conveyors – versatile & mobile conveyor modules. Compact conveyors extend up to 3.6 times their retracted length & sturdy castors are then locked once positioned. All models are height adjustable & assembled with either Skatewheels (for at based items & tighter turns) or Conveyor Rollers (for Increased support of irregular/deformable items). Rollers & wheels are produced from low-inertia, high-impact PVC.

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PartWidth mmLength Extended mmLength Retracted mmHeight mmMax load per foot lbkgMaximum axle pitch lbkg2D/3D DrawingBuy Now
R400/200015.75040078.7200037.094025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R400/350015.750400137.8350061.4156025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R400/500015.750400196.9500085.8218025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R400/650015.750400255.96500110.2280025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R400/800015.750400315.08000134.6342025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R400/950015.750400374.09500159.1404025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/200023.62560078.7200037.094025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/350023.625600137.8350061.4156025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/500023.625600196.9500085.8218025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/650023.625600255.96500110.2280025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/800023.625600315.08000134.6342025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
R600/950023.625600374.09500159.1404025.5-43650-110055804.921125 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now