M Series - Push Fit

M Series - Push Fit

Medium Duty M Series Ball Transfer Units – Push Fit
Medium Duty ball units are machined from solid steel & case hardened for wear resistance. Reinforced machined steel top cap protect against impact from misalignment of the conveyed item. Lubricated for life & zinc plated for resistance to corrosion. Standard materials; Body & cap AISI 1015, Balls AISI 52100. Stainless steel upgrade ‘A’ & ‘SS’ feature AISI420 balls Shock Resistance & body. Main ball sizes ≥19mm incorporate a felt seal to restrict contamination.
This series features a single drain hole.
Machined from solid bar – top flange

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PartLoad lbkgBall ⌀ mmA mmA* mmB mmB* mmC mmD mmE mm2D/3D DrawingBuy Now
M1255250.500120.866220.31580.1263.21.063270.65716.7 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M14132600.625150.945240.984-1.00425.0-25.50.3198.10.3318.40.19751.181300.78720 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M15132600.625150.945240.984-1.00425.0-25.50.3749.50.3869.80.15741.220310.82721 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M223971800.875221.417361.457-1.46537.0-37.20.3869.80.39810.10.1503.81.772451.20130.5 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M254412001.000251.496380.512130.23661.811461.20130.5 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M307723501.188301.772451.823-1.83946.3-46.70.54313.80.55214.010.2285.82.165551.44936.8 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M4513236001.750452.441622.480-2.50063.0-63.50.748190.76019.30.35492.953752.10653.5 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
M60330715002.375603.9371001.181300.591154.6061173.05177.5 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now