L Series - Push Fit

L Series - Push Fit

Light Duty L Series Ball Transfer Units – Push Fit
Push fit retention for rapid installation & replacement where only single-sided access of mounting surface is reachable. Compensate for irregularities in seating bore diameter using optional (spring steel) ‘K-clips’, or (stainless steel) ‘C-clips’. When using optional clips dimensions ‘A’ & ‘B’ become ‘A*’ & ‘B*’.
Drop-in pressed steel units

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PartLoad lbkgBall ⌀ mmA mmA* mmB mmB* mmC mmD mmE mmF mm2D/3D DrawingBuy Now
L15135600.625150.945240.984-1.00425.0-25.50.3869.80.39810.10.1814.61.219310.828210.1092.8 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
L223501600.875221.417361.457-1.47637.0-37.50.39810.10.40910.40.1543.91.772451.16129.50.1142.9 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
L306002801.188301.772451.812-1.83146.0-46.50.55514.10.56714.40.2686.82.165551.457370.1413.6 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now
L4512006001.750452.441622.480-2.5063.0-63.50.748190.76019.30.35492.953752.10653.50.1564 DWG STEP PDF 3D PDFBuy Now